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All marriages can from time to time face problems and dissatisfaction. It is essential that as Muslims we try to rectify these problems. Habebee can aid you to learn and put back whatever is lacking in your union.
While a physical relationship is known to be one of the greatest pleasures of this world, its subject can be seen a major taboo. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge and cultural rather religious misconceptions.
In this digital age the impact of pornography on relationships, individual health, and society is in the public eye more than ever before. Pornography use is widespread, and problematic, and has been shown to have a negative impact on couples and gender relations, leading men and women to devalue one another.
Marriage in Islam is meant to be an intimate relationship defined by love and the selfless fulfilment of each spouse’s needs, yet pornography helps to destroy this holy matrimonial bond between two spouses by creating unrealistic expectations of physical intimacy, it has devalued the true meaning of a special bond between husband and wife, and replaced it with lust and adultery.
From an Islamic perspective, marriage is treated with the utmost solemnity. However, this does not mean that fun within the marriage context should not be had in fact, sexual intercourse has to be avoided unless foreplay takes place. Furthermore, this special act is highly emphasized and is rewarded as a form charity.
Today many couples shy away from seeking guidance relating to this intimate relationship between husband and wife and may be involved in acts common in pornography, which may be considered prohibited in Islam.
At Habebee our goal is to shine a light on what has been long darkened by ignorance and neglect, and help couples enjoy the fullness of togetherness. We are a first of its kind “Love Shop.” catering to Muslims and their Islamic beliefs. As a couple, you can get everything you need to experiment, explore and develop your physical and spiritual relationship in a Halal environment without any prohibited products or images. We have accessories catering for all tastes and experiences, from newlyweds to the more mature and experienced.
Release all those tensions, inhibitions and desires with our sensual massage oils or take the pressure off your hips and thighs with our position cushions. Couples can also benefit from the rich resource that we have made available under “Ask a Sheikh.” answering the most frequent questions relating to sexual matters and relations in Islam for e.g. intercourse during Ramadan & how revive your love life.
Wherever there is a union, happiness should be to its full. That is the Habebee philosophy.